Maintain and make quality repairs on the vehicles of our various customers for the full satisfaction of their use.
To realize our mission, we owe all together and to each our level, to contribute to apply the following principles of management:
With the CUSTOMERS, we will:

  1. Impress them by our welcome and our capacity to listen and make the good diagnostic to maintain our credibility as mechanics professionals.
  2. To meet our commitments such as promised by making a work unsurprisingly and without errors within the time limit.
  3. Offer them products and quality services, meeting their needs.
  4. Follow the maintenance history of their vehicles and propose them an annual plan to insure the efficiency and the safety
  5. Verify their level of satisfaction to establish a long-term relation.
  6. Communicate regularly with them so that they know our offers and promotions.
  7. Request and acquire constantly new customers to insure us some continuous work.

As a management team and responsible associates, we will:

  1. Be of excellent communicators capable of presenting the challenges and the corporate and departmental objectives to mobilize the staff.
  2. Being rigorous models of the behavior, respectful of the various internal and external customers.
  3. Give the staff responsibilities and help them to reach their full potential to lead the organization to an upper level.
  4. To insure to have a perfect coordination in and between the services to improve the organizational efficiency.
  5. Being of the motivated, enthusiastic, coherent and responsible leaders, skillful to coach and to make follow-ups and constructive criticisms to help the employees to reach and to exceed their personal and team objectives.
  6. Challenge our ideas and approaches for the good of the organization.
  7. To mobilize us by showing solidarity in the decisions of the management team.

As automobile professionals and colleagues, we will:

  1. Be involved, motivated and curious to perfect our knowledge to be a strong added value to the organization.
  2. To have a positive and responsible attitude, worried of reaching and of exceeding the objectives associated to its employment and its service.
  3. Being on time, reliable, and taking on-line initiatives in the values and our organizational philosophy.
  4. Be the first ones interested to collaborate and to help the organization.
  5. Make constructive criticisms based on precise facts

At the level of our organization of the work and the productivity, we will:

  1. Improve continuously, our systems, our procedures and our methods of work to optimize the efficiency of our operations.
  2. Insure a perfect coordination of our work by defining the roles and the responsibilities of each.
  3. Set up with the staff rigorous rules and simple to apply procedures to insure a perfect cohesion of our operations.
  4. Identify and eliminate quickly the non-quality of non-efficiency causes which can affect the individual and collective productivity.
  5. Have various measurement systems so that all know the impacts of their roles in the success of the organization.
  6. Make sure that all use adequately tools and equipments and that they are in order, available and on the good places when required.

With the suppliers and the partners, we will:

  1. Choose responsible partners, capable of training and informing us about the novelties and the trends and helping us in our development.
  2. Favor those who can be a real added value to our knowledge in the industry.
  3. Favor those who are competent and reliable, who possess a good inventory, who respect their word and who offer a good value for money in parts or in service and in the required deadlines.